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Vitality Routine ☀️

Vitality Roll-On

Mediterranean Sun - Roll-On huiles essentielles

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Need a boost? This well-being concentrate is your new ritual to revitalize your day when energy is running low.

A synergy of organic essential oils that will enhance your natural energy.
Apply whenever needed: on the temples, inside the wrists, on the upper forehead, or on the neck.
Made in France - 100% certified Organic by Ecocert.

Volume: 10ml = 3 months of use

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The Maison (House) pays the utmost attention to the crafting of its perfumes. We work with the finest raw materials and the best artisans from Grasse.

Usage tips

Apply this roll-on as a massage whenever the need arises: on the temples, inside the wrists, on the upper forehead, or on the neck. Avoid the eye area.

Properties of essential oils

Huiles Essentielles

Senteur: Douce et fruitée
  • Positivante et rééquilibrante
  • Favorise la bonne humeur et l'optimisme
Senteur: Fleuri et sucré
  • Purifiante, tonique et astringente
Senteur: Fraiche et puissante
  • Stimule et revigore le corps et l'esprit

The brand - since 2008 🤎

Since 2008, in Grasse, located in the eastern part of Provence and known as the cradle of French haute perfumery, our master perfumers have been creating the fragrances of l'Essence des Notes. Our collection now includes well-being roll-ons and candles, offering a daily experience of the benefits of aromatherapy and olfactotherapy. We carefully select organic French essential oils to compose fragrances that have a positive impact on your emotions. Thanks to our expertise and collaboration with experts in naturopathy and phytotherapy, we offer precise and effective essential oil blends that cater to essential well-being needs: vitality, stress management, and improved sleep.

Vitality Roll-On
Vitality Roll-On
Vitality Roll-On

Synergie d'huiles essentielles

  • Good for the mind

  • 100% Natural - with essential oils

  • Roll-On Format - Take it with you everywhere

  • Made in France

Wellness Roll-On
100% natural

Vitality Roll-On, The freshness of a walk by the sea

The perfect combination of Sweet Orange, with its sweet and fruity notes, paired with the floral sweetness of Geranium, all enhanced by the invigorating freshness of Mint.
An everyday boost of vitality and well-being!

Unlock the potential of aromatherapy with our roll-ons, a unique sensory experience to rebalance your well-being.

Essential oils and their benefits

Orange Douce
Senteur : douce et fruitée
Vertus : positivante et rééquilibrante, favorise la bonne humeur et l’optimisme
Senteur : fleuri et sucré
Vertus : purifiante, tonique et astringente
Senteur : fraiche et puissante
Vertus : stimule et revigore le corps et l'esprit

16 years of expertise

After years of research, our pharmacists, based on aromatherapy, have developed these well-being roll-ons. Essential oils are carefully blended to have a positive impact on your emotional state.

They are talking about our well-being routines!

"Much more than just fragrances, olfactory creations by L’Essence des Notes are designed around essential oil synergies to harness the power of our sense of smell and bring us well-being and good vibes every day."

Marie Claire

"Since the sense of smell is connected to the seat of emotions, instinct, and pleasure, we rejuvenate and boost our mood by indulging in citrus-scented perfumes."


"The pleasant surprise of sources of well-being: highly concentrated in natural essences yet affordable, they combine elegance and discretion."

Madame Figaro

The sublime power of essential oils

Essential oils are known for their therapeutic properties and have an immediate impact on the emotional sphere.

At l'Essence des Notes, we enhance this power by making it enjoyable for everyday use and easily integrable into your well-being routine.

French craftsmanship & eco-responsible

Our roll-ons are made from 100% natural organic essential oil blends.

They are Ecocert certified and locally crafted with the utmost care to be your perfect well-being companion every day.

Bonne Humeur
Confiance en Soi
Harmonie Intérieure
Élixirs de Bien-Être
Good Mood
Belle Journée
Made in Provence
Bonheur Intérieur
Amour de Provence

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to use essential oil roll-ons?

Apply the roll-on to pulse points such as wrists and temples. Take a deep breath and enjoy the soothing benefits of essential oils.

What is the typical duration of use for a roll-on?

Each 10 mL roll-on provides approximately 3 months of regular use, depending on the application frequency.

Are the essential oils certified organic?

Les huiles essentielles sont-elles certifiées biologiques ?

Where do the ingredients for your roll-ons come from?

We use French and bio-sourced ingredients for our essential oils, thereby supporting local and sustainable production.

What is the difference between aromatherapy and olfactotherapy?

Aromatherapy focuses on the therapeutic benefits of essential oils, while olfactotherapy explores their impact on emotions. Our roll-ons combine these two approaches to promote both emotional and physical well-being.

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List of ingredients

Ce Roll-On est :

  • 100% Naturel
  • 96,8% d'ingrédients BIO

Ses ingrédients :

  • Huile Essentielle d'Orange douce
  • Huile Essentielle de Menthe Poivrée
  • Huile Essentielle de Mandarine rouge
  • Huile Essentielle de Géranium
  • Huile Essentielle de Marjolaine à coquille

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