Eau de cologne, eau de parfum : quelles différences ?

Eau de cologne, eau de parfum: what are the differences?

You have exhausted your bottle, the fateful day of buying a perfume has arrived. Faced with dozens of brands on the shelves of your perfumery, it is not always easy to make your choice. Additionally, brands distinguish between eau de toilette, eau de cologne, and eau de parfum . How to navigate with all these technical terms? What are the differences between cologne and eau de parfum? Learn more about the world of perfumery in the article.

A matter of concentration

The perfume represents a second skin for the person who wears it. Instrument of seduction for some, beauty accessory for others, perfume produces a unique and sensual scent when combined with your body odor. That is why you should familiarize yourself with the composition of the product before purchasing. In perfumery, the difference between eau de parfum, eau de toilette, eau de cologne and perfume lies in the concentration.

The fragrance is based on the base concentrate. Considered as the raw material, it comes from essential oils of ylang-ylang, lavender, vanilla or synthetic materials. This pure mixture then undergoes a dilution in alcohol. The concentration therefore varies according to the percentage of the diluted concentrate. In the world of perfumery, there are no strict regulations on the level of concentration. Perfume brands apply their own formulas. However, you can still remember the following numbers:

  • Perfume has the highest concentration of “essence” or “pure blends”. The percentage is between 20 to 40%. Perfumes are distinguished from other fragrances by the absence of water. It also has the best long lastingness.
  • The eau de parfum contains between 10 to 20% of concentrated perfume. It has a persistence of about 6 hours. It represents an excellent compromise between the subtlety of the perfume and its persistence over time.
  • Eau de toilette, on the other hand, has a perfume concentration of 5 to 15%. It is aimed in particular at people who appreciate delicate and light fragrances, to be worn for a short moment.
  • Finally, cologne contains between 3 to 8% perfumel. It lasts for a shorter time on the skin. It is suitable for people who do not like strong smells.

The choice between these 4 cosmetics depends on your tolerance to perfume. If you like delicate smells, an Yves Saint Laurent perfume can quickly give you a headache. The choice also depends on the sensitivity of your skin. Indeed, the alcohol used to dilute the perfume dries out the skin. It is therefore better to opt for a product that has a low alcohol content if you have sensitive skin. Eau de toilette for men, for example, has a small amount of alcohol thanks to the presence of water.

Eau de Cologne: a light fragrance

As you will have understood, cologne has the lowest concentration of essence. The proportion of alcohol is also lower. Its light scent fades after just a few hours. Less tenacious, it is suitable for people who wish to have a light scent on a daily basis.

Eau de Cologne: a fascinating history

The first cologne was discovered in the 17th century in Cologne. We owe this discovery to an Italian perfumer living in the small German town. According to the story, nostalgia for his native Piedmont prompted him to create this scented water. The original product was then marketed by his heirs in Cologne. The original cologne is still on the shelves of current perfumeries.

When he discovered, cologne was used as a therapeutic water. Monarchs loved the rosemary and citrus note it gives off. Since then, it has been considered by consumers as a perfume renowned for its freshness, a real fashion accessory.

Eau de Cologne is distinguished from other fragrances by the presence of top notes which fade quickly after the spray. These top notes are essentially composed of lemon, orange blossom or grapefruit. Nowadays, perfumers revisit the original top notes by adding lily of the valley, ginger, jasmine or lavender.

Which cologne to choose?

It is easy to recognize eau de cologne with citrus scents. However, you can now find other variations in your usual perfumery, such as floral and fruity essences. Aromatic herbs blended with a citrus top note impart an irresistible romantic scent to your skin. If you want to be more assertive, cologne with a passion fruit note is for you.

Among men, cologne is mostly used as an aftershave. Citrus notes are enhanced with a touch of wood or musk to enhance male virility.

Eau de parfum: more intense

Eau de Parfum has the strongest olfactory concentration below perfume. However, the smell remains less delicate and lasts longer on the skin than cologne. Indeed, it remains on the epidermis for at least four hours. To make the persistence last, you can smell good by applying it on the hair or on the clothes.

The eau de parfum for men has a more powerful base note. It is therefore suitable for people with strong characters. You can wear it for winter outings or for an evening. The eau de parfum can be combined with both the feminine and the masculine. In addition, some perfumes are unisex to the delight of couples.

How to prolong the hold of an eau de parfum

You usually spray bergamot fragrance on your wrist and wear it directly on your neck. However, this gesture prevents the olfactory molecules from diffusing correctly. To optimize the tenacity of the eau de parfum for women, spray a hint of woody notes on your neck and then on each wrist. On contact with the skin, the perfume warms up and releases the essences.

Perfumers also recommend applying eau de parfum to well-hydrated skin. Indeed, the smell fades quickly on dry skin. In the absence of a moisturizing cream or a matching lotion in your perfume box, choose a neutral milk or cream to preserve the smell of the eau de parfum.

When you spray a Petite Robe Noire perfume, you must perfume the areas of the skin exposed to the open air. This is why perfumes are applied to the neck or wrists.

If you are planning a moment of relaxation in the sun, it is best not to apply the eau de parfum to your skin. Instead, spray on your hair, on your little dress. Cloud vaping is also suitable.

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