Our well-being elixirs have been made on the basis of olfactotherapy: essential oils are carefully assembled to create unique scents that positively impact your emotions and play on your unconscious.

But what is the history of olfactotherapy?

Smells that wish you well

Essential oils have been known for centuries for their therapeutic properties. In addition to their physiological qualities, we will see that they also have a power over the emotional sphere thanks to the sense of smell.

By the way, have you ever noticed that we say "feel good"?

Made in Provence

A perception specific to each person

Each smell corresponds to a specific message that we have stored since our birth. This entire library is linked to a specific emotion, event or memory.

The same smell will not have the same perception and the same interpretation from one individual to another. A simple smell of lavender can evoke a childhood vacation, your grandmother's cologne or simply the smell of a Provencal flower.

Daily wellness elixirs

L'Essence des Notes perfumes are your daily dose of well-being.

Self-confidence, good humor, inner harmony... 85% of our clients feel a real impact on their well-being.

You too, try our perfumes and (re)smell the positive effects they provide!

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