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The Essence of Notes e-gift card


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What is his preference? Comforting floral notes, energizing woody aromas or soothing fruity scents?

With our gift card, give him the freedom to choose the perfume with emotional virtues that will suit him and to dive into a new perfumed universe to discover our olfactory creations that combine well-being and naturalness.

About your gift card

An electronic gift card will be sent to you by email.

You will also receive a card to print if you wish to offer it in this way. If necessary, do not hesitate to write to us!

The brand - since 2008 🤎

Since 2008, our master perfumers have been creating L'Essence des Notes perfumes in Grasse, in the east of Provence, the cradle of French haute perfumery .

They combine the most noble essences with ancestral know-how , to obtain perfumes with natural and authentic scents.

Our new collection released in September 2022 has been designed on the basis of olfctotherapy: essential oils are carefully assembled to create unique scents that positively impact your emotions and play on your unconscious.

The Essence of Notes e-gift card

Breathe in well-being

  • good for the mind

  • Natural - based on essential oils

  • Made in France

  • Recycled packaging

There are already thousands of you taking care of yourself with our perfumes that seem (really) to please you! 💛

"Smell is the sense that most quickly impacts our emotional state."

Eau de parfum with a positive impact on your emotions

After years of research, our doctors in pharmacy have, on the basis of olfactotherapy , developed sublime elixirs of well-being.

Essential oils are carefully blended to positively impact your emotional state.

The sublime power of essential oils

Essential oils are known for their therapeutic properties and have an immediate power over the emotional sphere thanks to the sense of smell.

By the way, have you ever noticed that we say "feel good"?

French Haute Parfumerie

It is in Grasse, in the east of Provence, the cradle of French haute perfumery , that our master perfumers create our eau de parfum.

They combine the most noble essences with ancestral know-how , to obtain perfumes with natural and authentic scents.

Good mood
Inner Harmony
Wellness Elixirs
Good Mood
Beautiful day
Made in Provence
Inner Happiness
Provence love

Find the perfect perfume!

Our eau de parfum are unisex and composed of nearly 95% ingredients of natural origin.

To help you choose the scent that suits you best, you can refer to the graph opposite or take this test to discover your ideal scent.

Discover my scent

frequently asked Questions

Are L'Essence des Notes fragrances unisex?

Yes, our perfumes are unisex.

However, on each fragrance, we specifically indicate whether the fragrance is more feminine or masculine.

Finally, many of our customers like more "masculine" fragrances and vice versa. The important thing is that you like it and brings you well-being!

How are our perfumes eco-responsible?

For more than 10 years now, we have been working with the finest French materials with the aim of participating in the preservation of ancestral know-how.

Our perfumes are made up of up to 95% ingredients of natural origin and our packaging is recycled and recyclable.

Our entire production chain is located in France.

Our products are vegan and dermatologically tested to guarantee you serenity and well-being. They are tested and validated in the laboratory in the independent institute IDEA (Bordeaux, France): skin compatibility, phototoxic potential and safety for human health.

At each stage of the process, we pay the greatest attention to the choice of materials and our partners.

How do I properly apply my perfume?

We recommend that you apply it to a pulse point such as the wrists or behind the ears.

Avoid the neck or the chest, you could saturate your nose and no longer smell your perfume.

How is the delivery going?

Your package will be delivered by Colissimo, chosen for its carbon neutral deliveries.

You receive the tracking number when your order is shipped.

It arrives at your home within 1 to 2 working days.

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