L’olfactothérapie, la science des odeurs.

Olfactotherapy, the science of smells.

Our Vision of Phytotherapy

At L'Essence des Notes, we are convinced that nature contains unique properties that affect our well-being and the preservation of our health. This vision is found in the precepts of phytotherapy, alternative medicine which treats and prevents physical and psychological disorders, thanks to the use of plants. The plant can be used in many forms: herbal teas, dry or fluid extracts, macerates, syrups... Among all these variations, we were captivated by the most powerful of extractions: essential oil.

Essential Oils and their place in well-being

Essential oils, fragrant principles par excellence, have a place of choice in the well-being sector. Aromachology (well-being through essential oils) and olfactotherapy (well-being through the scents of essential oils) are the two therapies on which our expertise is based. We use the scents of certain essential oils to calm, tone, release and regulate emotions. The multiple olfactory molecules present in essential oils give them many therapeutic properties. They are used as messengers to deliver information very quickly to the limbic system, the seat of emotions and pleasure.

The physiological influence of odors

Since the 1980s, researchers have been interested in demonstrating the physiological influence of odors on the psychic and behavioral sphere in humans. Studies have shown that essential oils can have a physiological action on sleep, relaxation, breathing and mood.

Why olfactotherapy?

According to Gilles Fournil, creator of olfactotherapy, this method allows you to “know yourself better, be more calm, at peace with this existential quest. (…) It offers keys to being more at peace with oneself and the world, by giving meaning to existence. »

Our fragrances based on essential oils

Starting from this wonderful observation of the power offered by plants and our sense of smell, we have worked with our team of experts to compose new perfumes, olfactory remedies to give you the energy you need. This adventure, which started in 2007, would not have been possible without Huong Mangin, our inspiring founder.

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